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See what are other agents are saying about my marketing plan?

Anyone can get testimonials from their clients but it is quite different to get positive feedback from your competitors! I Get so many of these and decided to start logging them starting in July, 2012.

From: Lorna Muller         Subject: Great Listing Presentation                 7/24/12

Hi Mike,

I'm working on a cma for a manufactured home on 20 acres and ran across your listing on 4117 Woods Road. Your virtual tour link is amazing!

Lorna Muller
Serving Kitsap buyers and sellers for over 22 years.

cell: 360 620-3842
fax: 360 297-2980

“Mike, My clients really like this home over on north Anderson and are ready to write an offer on it but they really want to get inside of your listing before they do. You have so many photos and my clients really like what they have seen. You know how so many listings have such bad photos. Anyway, I have not been able to get hold of your sellers to make an appointment.......”

Gerry Weir - Keller Williams 425-277-5100
(End result was offer on my listing instead of the other) 8/6/2012

The 22 Key Questions You Better Explore                        Before Re-Listing Your Home!

Your listing has expired and now you have some big decisions to make. You also need to understand why your home expired and how to avoid the same results. Perhaps after your home was listed, most of the focus became a discussion of price and very little else. Your home may actually have been priced just fine but still, it did not sell. So if you truly know that your home was priced correctly; If it is in nice “showable” condition; If it is in a desirable neighborhood;…  If it meets all of these basic conditions; then there is only one possible reason as to why it did not sell……

Your home was not marketed properly!

Effective marketing of a home is much more complicated than putting a lock box on the front door and a sign in the front yard. Yes it is true that lots of agents use some of the same technology, but it is also true that an agent who is a skilled  marketing specialist will use this technology differently. Then there are those who go beyond all of that and really pull in some higher level technologies. My signs, web sites, photos, listing info, reports etc. all look different than what you had before. Then there are the many strategies that you never had in any form at all. These are the things that together, put a home in a different league than the competition and generates the showings that gets it sold. There is a norm that dominates our industry of what it means to list a home. Unfortunately that norm is wrongly accepted by the public. The evidence of this is so easy to see. Just do a random search on your favorite home search site. Count how many home presentations you think are really good. Your buyer will  be affected by the difference between an ordinary presentation and a great one. 

I have sold hundreds of homes in the Northwest over the past 17 years. My education includes a Marketing/Finance degree from the University of Puget Sound and I was directly involved in growing two mid sized companies over a 20 year span. This background that I bring into residential real estate, has proven to me, that marketing a home properly will have a greater impact on the final result than anything else. The question is: Should a listing be driven by price, or should it be driven by a great marketing effort? What are the things that sellers may not know about the process? Question: Are there other strategies that can increase your odds of a different outcome? The only clients I retain are ones who recognize and demand this higher level of marketing.

“I’ve never been informed about any of this before.”

The 22 questions you see on the left will provide you with some very specific answers. Each link is a part of the entire marketing plan, with deeper questions within. I hope to show you residential marketing options that you are not aware of and to expose you to some great technologies. These questions will guide you to an advanced and effective approach to selling a home. Most of these ideas were NOT used in your last listing yet all would have given you a better chance of success. Without employing the concepts under each and every question herein, a seller would be missing some important strategies. Where you think you had a strategy covered.... Look again very closely. Most agents are unskilled in using some of the available technology to its fullest. I will show you that also. 

“Should my agent keep me informed about the market.”

Lastly, you should review the “Current Graphs” section below for Pierce and King county. They will show you exactly what is going on around you and will give you a much better understanding of why your home expired. In re-marketing your home; you may need to consider a lot of new options. The one option that will have the greatest impact though is employing a completely new, advanced and serious marketing plan. impact, could be to 

Current Market Graphs - These graphs show the current state of the market in Pierce, King and Thurston county.

Referring to an offer this agent wrote up on one of my listings for her buyer.  12/13/12

“My Clients would not even have looked at this home; the neighborhood is not that great. The photos are what sold it. They fell in love with it because of the photos.” Home went under contract over the list price.

Mavi MacFarlane - Key Peninsula Real Estate   (253) 853-7400

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What are the questions I should have asked my last listing agent?

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Market Analysis In Home Appointment

3/7/13  Your pictures on your listings are really great!  Are you using a professional or?  I am shopping for a camera and considering simply using a photographer.

Shannon J

Shannon M. Brent
360-789-8757  Cell

Windermere RE West Campus Inc

11/21/13 - From automated feedback

“This is a beautiful home! Price, area, square footage, and pictures had my clients very interested! They called their lender before even seeing the house to have him run numbers. Keep in mind I showed them about 35 houses this past weekend. You did a great job listing and pricing the house. Unfortunately they decided that it was just a little above what they wanted for a monthly payment. Thank you for giving my clients consideration before accepting the offer you had in. Congratulations on Mutual Acceptance and best wishes!”

Karen Mitchell

Amiralty Realty

11/27/13 - Hi Mike, Thanks for the call and information regarding the property (s). The video was also very helpful. My clients are definitely interested in seeing all of it. Please confirm an appointment for us on Saturday Nov. 30 at 2:00. Thanks Mike and Happy Thanksgiving.

Peter Freet Managing Broker - Windermere Real Estate East